About Us

The mission of The Family Farce is to entertain through the production and distribution of snarky, irreverent, dark family-themed humor content.

We produce and distribute said content from writers, stand-up comics, visual artists, and musicians in the following areas: Words–essays, interviews, fiction, columns; Music–parodies and original parental-advisory-esque works; Video–shorts, interviews, original stand-up; Art–comic strips, info graphics, photos, illustrations.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the real language of life, not in censored bullshit.

We believe that despite efforts to be a superhero, the cat still runs on the roof, and the ladder still falls away from the roof when you’re trying to get the damn cat.


Family is a farce–a big, comedic, sometimes tragic production, over which we have little to no control, but from which we can mine humor, especially snarky, irreverent humor, which we can use to make the run of the production more fun.