An Interview with Adam Mansbach

Seth has a conversation with best-selling novelist, professor, father, and (not) parenting expert Adam Mansbach, discussing Adam's best-selling (not) children's book, Go the Fuck to Sleep, reception of non-traditional parenting messages, his multi-faceted career, as well as new projects he has in...

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An Interview with Kevin Wilson

Seth has a conversation with best-selling novelist, humorist, & family man Kevin Wilson. They discuss the definition of family, writing inspiration, a new novel that's in the works, writing process, the combination of entertainment and literary writing, humor as a creativity lubricant, just what...

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A Hard Man Is Good to Find

Family Reunion tells us a wholesome story about the benefits of specific gender solidity. Download MP3. ...

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Simple Con-Man

Parody of Lynyrd Skynyrd's Simple Man. This song tells the story of a mother giving her son some very suspect advice on career success. Download MP3. ...

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