where is my coffee?

Inbred Mate-ing

I love coffee. I also love the lining of my stomach. (You know, gastrointestinal surgery to correct ulcers was a close candidate for the bucket list. Just missed the cut.) Accordingly, I usually drink my brew with a generous helping of Coffee-mate hazelnut creamer. One, two, three taps of the...

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Pepper And Razor

Shavin' and Screamin'

My mother's family, surname Borchardt, is descended from Germany. ...

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Express Espionage

Did you forget someone this past Christmas season? I mean really forget them? As in you made nicey-nicey face to them in person while secretly planning to join forces with Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz, making them the focus of the Doc's latest something-inator?...

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Just Eat It

"How do you stop tacos from falling over?" The commercial asked while the actor pounded a nail into the table and leaned a taco against it. Then the little boy suggested a flat bottom, and thus was born the flat-bottomed shell that is altogether ridiculous, not to mention harder to eat than regular...

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Sneak & Shake

What's the deal with restaurants telling us it's a deal when we spend a certain amount above a threshold and get rewarded with free kids meals? ...

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