Driving for Summer Vacation

5 Reasons the Golfboard is Awesome

My brother Drew sent me a Facebook link to a new product called the Golfboard. It is a wheeled board on which the user/surfer stands while traversing the curves of a golf course, accomplishing the goal of the company's slogan: "Surf the Earth." The golf board won the PGA Merchandise Show's 2014 Best...

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Little Sister-Big World

Little Sister, Big World

Last Saturday, Amy and I loaded up all three kids in the car, traveled five minutes before the how-much-longers started, very nearly became victims of spontaneous head popping off syndrome, and, six hours later, one way, made it to Kansas City, MO. ...

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Brotherly Love

My son is a sadist. This has nothing to do with his waking up at 5:30a, when I still believe I am the last Viking king who can save the cheese factory from the evil ChapStick monsters. Nor does it relate to his jumping on me with the express intent of ensuring we have no more children....

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Vixens of Televised Crapdom--Episode One

As the lead agent for Vixens of Televised Crapdom, my wife is a vocal proponent for the show Vampire Diaries. She's recruiting, and, I'm sad to say, my daughter Anna is among the misguided masses....

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Days Darkle

Many years ago, my brother-in-law Chris, if memory serves (and that contract's been in negotiations for a while), recommended watching the movie "Donnie Darko," starring Jake Gyllenhaal as the disturbed youth who envisions planes crashing into his house and evil bunny-rabbits foretelling the end of...

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Brother Bother

My parents have an old home-movie of me and my brother Drew jumping on an air mattress back when I was 12-years-old. Actually, since he was only one at the time, I would've been the only one jumping, but he was doing something else: acrobatics....

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