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Editor's Note--TFF Issue 22

I'm convinced that budget cuts are the reason for the delays between fireworks during the Fourth of July show. Likely conversation if I were industrious enough to plant bugs: "Hey, if we only light one every 30 seconds to a minute, they won't notice. They'll have a chance to discuss the color...

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An Interview with Ben Rosenfeld (feature)

Acceptance and Current Events ...

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Editor's Note--TFF Issue #21

On Easter Sunday afternoon, we took our kids to a trampoline/obstacle course park, but not just any ordinary park. This wasn't a collection of four-feet-across questionable exercise equipment in the trailer park's social activities room. (If we cobble together a bunch of small trampolines, we could...

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Secondhand word cloud

Editor's Note--TFF Issue #20

Some vehicles bring lackluster competitive spirit to dancing competitions. Despite their nimble construction, most compact models lack the energy to stick it out in the most heated scenarios. Then you've got the ones who were made for dancing. Made for not just cruising down the road, but for...

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Businessman Drawing on the Whiteboard. Pop Art

Editor's Note--TFF Issue #19

A few months ago, I decided to write a daily quote on my office wall. No, I’m not an irascible child who will not be contained in my creative fury. I have a whiteboard that I use for quote purposes and other work stuff. ...

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Review: The Worst Kind of Thoughtful

"One-hundred percent Italian" stand-up comic Mike Vecchione hails from the Queens borough of New York City. While writing, rehearsing, and recording The Worst Kind of Thoughtful, his 2nd comedy album, we're guessing he never gave a thought to how the awesomeness of his work would necessitate public...

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Editor’s Note--TFF Issue #18

The entertainer waited patiently at the street corner. Regaled in his Darth Vader mask, he struck a menacing, if not eye-brow raising, figure. A black cape flowed behind him in the soft downtown breeze, also ruffling the hem of his kilt. ...

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The sun painted chalk on the asphalt

Editor's Note--TFF Issue #17

I find myself sitting at my kitchen table on the best day of the year, weather wise. I'm inside but close enough to the patio door to feel the sun's rays radiating through the glass. Their circle of influence grows strong today. ...

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The United States of Russia

Review: The United States of Russia

With his third album, The United States of Russia, NYC-based comic Ben Rosenfeld covers new ground--frozen, depressing, vodka-soaked ground, that is. This album debuted on January 19 and quickly claimed the #1 slot on iTunes comedy albums. ...

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2018 year goals list on napkin

Editor's Note--TFF Issue #16

2017 is coming to a close. ...

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Good Kitty No More

Cat Finds a Way

On June 13, 2015, Tropical Storm Bill dumped 1.83 inches of rain on Moline, IL, where we reside, which broke a record for rainfall in a 24-hour period that had stood since 1880. Yay, us. ...

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San Fermin

Hemingway Running

I've been a runner since age nine, when my dad said he would buy me a new pair of running shoes if I went two miles without stopping. I had played youth soccer, t-ball, and gotten out of neighborhood trouble more than a few times because I was swift on my feet. However, I had never made a point of...

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Editor's Note--TFF Issue #5

In the spring of 2002, the janitorial company that employed me transferred me from floating status (bumming around from account to account every night. Filling in where a team member was out or the client wanted an extra large collection of paid workers sitting around on their rears. Excuse...

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iron plate with bullet hole

Editor's Note--TFF Issue #2

On April 28, 2014, I had the ride of my life. It wasn't in a Mustang Shelby GT 500 or an Aston Martin Vanquish, two vehicles I've often had intense fantasies about. Though I was in a dream-like state, it had nothing to do with a previously established and vetted fantasy, and had everything to do...

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Stockholm Cat and a Super Soaker

My wife brought home a cat a couple months ago, which I thought was weird, because I don’t really like cats, and we already both have full-time jobs along with twin boys and a four-year-old daughter. Our responsibility level is at its max. ...

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Short-Order Mother

If you ask probing questions of any mother, she will confess that when she leaves the house to go to so-called work, she breathes a big sigh of relief.  Finally, finally, she can relax and be free of clamoring. She can be paid for slaving away and have a little adult conversation in the bargain....

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Strawberries, Sandwiches, & STDs

At the moment a child is born, that child’s family places expectations on that screaming, wailing infant who is currently covered in bloody after-birth. To think great men like Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan, and John Stamos were once nothing more than babies covered in something akin to warm...

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As a kid, I didn’t expect a lot from my dad. Go to work, spend some time with my brothers and me. The rest was up to him. After telling us to do better in school, and having dinner with the family, I was fine with him doing whatever he wanted. Hell, he took us camping nearly every weekend in the...

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Editor's Note--TFF Issue #1

When I was 16, I decided to become a wide-receiver for the Green Bay Packers. Though I had spent the better part of a decade pounding the pavement running around town as a road racer, huffing over the hills of various golf courses across the nation as a cross-country runner, and largely failing to...

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