Good Kitty No More

Cat Finds a Way

On June 13, 2015, Tropical Storm Bill dumped 1.83 inches of rain on Moline, IL, where we reside, which broke a record for rainfall in a 24-hour period that had stood since 1880. Yay, us. ...

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Happy funny guy have a great idea!

Macho Rimshot

The American male conjures a home improvement project, draws plans, creates a budget, stays within said budget, and finishes the project with a final product that neither exceeds nor diminishes from the original plan, but instead exactly resembles the mental conjuring. ...

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Pepper And Razor

Shavin' and Screamin'

My mother's family, surname Borchardt, is descended from Germany. ...

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Review: Russian Optimism

A blonde youth, maybe four or five-years-old, gazes up from the tableau, a smile on his face. He holds the end of a piece of copper wire. It trails behind him, coiling like a snake. In the background on a shelf, Russian dolls stand in left-to-right ascending height order. Above this, the object on...

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cartoon faces

5 Reasons Kids Suck

1. Gummy Vitamins ...

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Down with Dutch

You enjoy a wonderful five-course meal with your date at your favorite Japanese steakhouse, sit back in your chair, and breathe a contented sigh. Ah, it's good to be affluent and American, you think. The check comes. You reach for your credit card, and your server says, "No problem, sir. Your date...

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America the Inscrutable

Remember the Tim Taylor grunt? That onomatopoeic sound that resembled a bull getting ready to charge, a cow getting tipped over, and a man, fresh off holiday gorging, getting a big--albeit pride-inducing--surprise upon his trip to the john the next day. ...

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Following the end of the formal education trek, the American male will enter the work force, don new threads, and start a great adventure, sure to end with hair-loss, erectile dysfunction, depression, suicidal thoughts, and ultimately this comment: "You know, in my day ..."...

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