Figuren-Serie: Mann entsorgen - na so etwas!

Death Benefits

He opened his eyes to a world of blurry shapes and muted sounds. He had no clue who he was or where he was, and thought, I have no clue who I am or where I am. A novelist by trade, the plague of redundantly repeating in dialogue what he'd just specified in narrative had always dogged him. ...

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Review: Russian Optimism

A blonde youth, maybe four or five-years-old, gazes up from the tableau, a smile on his face. He holds the end of a piece of copper wire. It trails behind him, coiling like a snake. In the background on a shelf, Russian dolls stand in left-to-right ascending height order. Above this, the object on...

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Fist of fire

Cracks in the Establishment

The charges were set; the plans, completed; self-inflicted wounds, released from fists so full of fury with their cause that the evidence of pummeling existed for days after the initial punishment took place. Only thing left to do was stand on a hill and watch as the titans of industry became ash...

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Few are the moments that I stand my ground when a solid-mass weapon is hurtling toward me at top speed. If I see a kamikaze mailman moving in with a hand-gun drawn and aimed, I run inside, lock the door, and dispose of all stamps. That's gotta be what he's after, right?...

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Golf: 10 Reasons Seth Sucks #7

1. Seth knows there is an inverse relationship between the number of mulligans allowed and beers consumed in pursuit of a happy round. More mulligans allowed = less beer needed; Less mulligans allowed = more beer needed....

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