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A couple weeks ago, Amy diagnosed and changed out all three fuses that controlled electrical flow to the outlets in our car. Super sexy. Super cool. When I say that Amy did it, I don't mean that I was standing on the sidelines, guiding hands and helping words coaching her to a successful solution. I...

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Ben Comedy Main Headshot 2019 Lego Tshirt Hi Res_May 2019 Profile Piece

An Interview with Ben Rosenfeld (feature)

Acceptance and Current Events ...

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Driving for Summer Vacation

5 Reasons the Golfboard is Awesome

My brother Drew sent me a Facebook link to a new product called the Golfboard. It is a wheeled board on which the user/surfer stands while traversing the curves of a golf course, accomplishing the goal of the company's slogan: "Surf the Earth." The golf board won the PGA Merchandise Show's 2014 Best...

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UFO Abduction


I'd like to blame Stephen King for the tires going bald on my car. Sure it's a 2001 Kia Sportage with almost 100,000 miles on it, and probably has as much business driving at speeds above 70mph (even with new tires) as a sumo wrestler has landing a spot on the US synchronized swimming team, but it's...

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Dairy Danger

I've decided to change careers....

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