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Let there Be Devices

We have over a dozen devices now, and the number is only going to grow from here. ...

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Editor's Note--TFF Issue #21

On Easter Sunday afternoon, we took our kids to a trampoline/obstacle course park, but not just any ordinary park. This wasn't a collection of four-feet-across questionable exercise equipment in the trailer park's social activities room. (If we cobble together a bunch of small trampolines, we could...

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Running coach - dinosaur

Surplus Children

Crouching under the elevated prison, the man held his hands over his ears, rocking back and forth like a buoy on a turbulent sea. No, no, no, he thought. This could not be happening. He'd done everything by the book. Prepared the beast's meals exactly as prescribed, acquired the best clothing and...

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Angry Zeus

God of Goonies

I started driving a new work vehicle. It's the latest model of Toyota Camry, complete with a bunch of features that are cool, but also annoying. Case in point: the audio system automatically syncs with my iPhone, which is cool when you want to play tunes from your iTunes library through the car's...

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5 Super Bowl Alternatives

Following the Packers oh-no-you-dih-n't epic loss to the Seahawks in the NFC Championship Game, I, a jaded fan, in last week's column, raged against the improbability of it all. Throughout my business education and career, I've heard the principle of process consistency preached numerous times. ...

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Envelopes background

Going Postal

I never wanted to go to the post office. ...

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Stop salt – medical concept

A Pinch of Murder

What do you do with salt? Put some on your mashed potatoes, spread some on your driveway during wintertime, keep some in your back pocket to use on the opposing football team's eyes (on the player who's down) when the ref's not looking? Any of the preceding and many others unmentioned would be...

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10 Reasons 312 Urban Wheat Ale Is Better Than Water

Next time you find yourself in Chicago, walking in the hot midday sun next to Lake Michigan, a long ways off from Navy Pier, your throat swelling up and feeling parched because you forgot to bring water, and you see a vendor selling bottled water, think twice before getting that bottle of water, and...

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Following the end of the formal education trek, the American male will enter the work force, don new threads, and start a great adventure, sure to end with hair-loss, erectile dysfunction, depression, suicidal thoughts, and ultimately this comment: "You know, in my day ..."...

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