Children, not, allowed, sign

Barn Kids

Amy and I have been looking at properties with land, something on the order of 1-5 acres. One of these properties had several out-buildings (or outhouses, as Amy continues to misidentify them. Never at a loss for where to drop your drawers on our property!). These out-buildings weren't run-down,...

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The sun painted chalk on the asphalt

Editor's Note--TFF Issue #17

I find myself sitting at my kitchen table on the best day of the year, weather wise. I'm inside but close enough to the patio door to feel the sun's rays radiating through the glass. Their circle of influence grows strong today. ...

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Colourful lighting bulb


After realizing he'd spent five hours researching oil lamps, tallow candles, and ancient spells to conjure light, he decided his life was pathetic, and he bought a floor lamp. ...

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Crazy electrician

Faulty Wiring

I've been trying to get a bunch of construction project managers together to answer questions regarding one of our management consulting engagements. The issues are complicated enough, involving both state and federal tax law, but this is made even more of a pain in the boohahna since they all live...

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Short-Order Mother

If you ask probing questions of any mother, she will confess that when she leaves the house to go to so-called work, she breathes a big sigh of relief.  Finally, finally, she can relax and be free of clamoring. She can be paid for slaving away and have a little adult conversation in the bargain....

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