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Plan for the Journey

Toastmasters is moving away from its physical manuals and static speech-making program into a dynamic program called Pathways. On January 10, 2019, I delivered my first speech in Pathways: a re-imagination of my ice-breaker speech. If you don't know me, know this: if you give me a rubric, I will...

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Imaginative Cookies

The executive stepped to the lectern, his stomach churning with nerves and the remnants of last night's authentic Mexican food. Wonderful flavors. Wonderful and punishing, that is. This moment was shaping up to be a repeat of that theme. Investors, the public, the press--if he could convince them...

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Running coach - dinosaur

Surplus Children

Crouching under the elevated prison, the man held his hands over his ears, rocking back and forth like a buoy on a turbulent sea. No, no, no, he thought. This could not be happening. He'd done everything by the book. Prepared the beast's meals exactly as prescribed, acquired the best clothing and...

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Envelopes background

Going Postal

I never wanted to go to the post office. ...

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5 Reasons Shaving Is Like Getting Shivved

I hope when you shave your beard you don't suffer from varying degrees of sensitivity between your face and neck, varying degrees of sensitivity being the feeling of rubbing your face against your woman's boobs and, in contrast, rubbing your face against Hurley's boobs (the guy from LOST). I hope my...

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Cereal Punishment

If you kill somebody, you get the needle, or the chair, or three squares a day and cable and conjugal visits for life. You know--an appropriate punishment. But if you don't finish all your cereal in the Kabala household, you get the worst punishment of all: getting one over on dad. ...

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