Review: Russian Optimism

A blonde youth, maybe four or five-years-old, gazes up from the tableau, a smile on his face. He holds the end of a piece of copper wire. It trails behind him, coiling like a snake. In the background on a shelf, Russian dolls stand in left-to-right ascending height order. Above this, the object on...

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10 Reasons 312 Urban Wheat Ale Is Better Than Water

Next time you find yourself in Chicago, walking in the hot midday sun next to Lake Michigan, a long ways off from Navy Pier, your throat swelling up and feeling parched because you forgot to bring water, and you see a vendor selling bottled water, think twice before getting that bottle of water, and...

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25 Ways to Be Sarcastic this Thanksgiving Season (16-20)

16. It's probably just a rumor that the Lions have added a new benefit to the players' health plan. This new benefit, which may or may not be called "Death by Cheese Therapy," would be completely unnecessary. What do they have to be depressed about?...

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