Empty Theater Chairs

10 Reasons the Cheap Theater Rocks

1. You can see many of the big blockbusters weeks, perhaps even months, after they hit first-run theaters, solidifying your status as fashionably late and appreciative of the finer, aged things in life--such as yourself. ...

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Review: Russian Optimism

A blonde youth, maybe four or five-years-old, gazes up from the tableau, a smile on his face. He holds the end of a piece of copper wire. It trails behind him, coiling like a snake. In the background on a shelf, Russian dolls stand in left-to-right ascending height order. Above this, the object on...

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Dry Fly Me a Brain

While using my Illustrated Oxford Dictionary to look up the correct spelling for "dumfound," which, incidentally, may or may not, at the writer's discretion, contain a "b," don't judge me, I noticed the entry in the upper-left corner of the left-hand-side page: dry fly....

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