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Smoking Charges Ignite

Last night, Amy took Anna, our seven-year-old, to the dress rehearsal for her 2015 dance recital. I was left in charge of Will, our nine-year-old, and Ella, our three-year-old. What follows is a litany of the kids showing me that I exist in their world as a piece of tightly-spun twine, permanently...

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Sad Child


Our actions become our kids' reactions. Not exactly new. Not exactly Newtonian (pause while joke sinks in). But it's a truism all the same. ...

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Car radio

Piece of Sh*t Car Reprise

When I was in high-school, a popular song named "Ode to My Car," by Adam Sandler, spun regularly on the radio. No, it didn't. All foul-mouthed teenage boys wished such happy, unfiltered radio days would appear, but that didn't stop the explicit lyrics from making an impact, even if the song's plot...

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We shall be hostile toward the opportunity cost of people who waste our time. This post goes beyond recognizing time-wasters to proposing a strategy for getting rid of them. My favorite: ignoring. I believe in the power of prayer. I …...

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Certain messes in life are unavoidable. If you get a DUI and your hair is sufficiently mussed or you manage to jam your finger into the nearest outlet just prior to the mug-shot, chances are you'll be a big-time celebrity some day. ...

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A Reasonable Explanation

Therapist: Take me back to the beginning. Tell me how it all got started, how you eventually wound up holding the bloody knife in the aftermath of your killing spree. I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation....

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That's a Mouthful

Waking up to the sounds of birds and (outside) insects is alluring, and when you have your second 10th cup of coffee and realize you are on vacation, and this auditory lovemaking is real, not the result of an ambitious-carpet-cleaning hallucination, you can finally relax, letting your bulk stress...

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Stupid Piece of ... Oh, That's Right

I'm a realist. I call things like they are, and if I look stupid in the process, well, so be it. ...

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Deadly Donuts

The morning started off good. Four eggs fluffed with a splash of milk, mixed with Parmesan and salt and black pepper and red pepper flakes and slathered with Cholula hot sauce; four ounces of Bob Evan's spicy Italian sausage (sorry for the smell, honey, luv ya) fried into the wonderful concoction;...

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When Did I Become a Pushover?

I've never thought of myself as the Ultimate Fighter type. As a kid, whenever the possibility of bodily harm came up, I tried to avoid confrontation. But if the issue was pressed, I could stand up and issue fake threats along with the best of them and hope that my manufactured bravado was enough to...

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As I Approach 30

I live in a small town. Colona, IL has a population of just over 5,000. As a jogger, this means I am usually only assaulted with exhaust fumes a few times whenever I decide to go outside to burn some calories. But as far as the type of people passing me on the roadside? Over this, I have no control....

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Filed Under on April 2nd, 2011

Family Maxims #28

By Seth Kabala

We shall be hostile toward the opportunity cost of people who waste our time.

This post goes beyond recognizing time-wasters to proposing a strategy for getting rid of them. My favorite: ignoring.

I believe in the power of prayer. I do not, however, believe that sugary words spoken in an attempt to catch the ear of the head chocolatier and garner baskets of goodies for the speaker do anything to boost the effectiveness of the ingredients.

Here’s another formula I’ve stumbled across (I know, I should have been in science, all these formulae I keep stumbling across). There is an inverse relationship between the frequency of usage of the word “God” in a prayer and the effectiveness of said prayer.

For instance, the following prayer, and I paraphrase, which may or may not have come from the lips of an aspiring candy-maker I know:

“God, oh, God. You are God. You are good, God. Oh, God. Bestow Your everlasting mercy, God, on us, God, and God, oh, God, please see fit, God, in the usage of Your benevolence, God, to shine Your power, God, and bring change, God, and hope, God, to Your humble servants, God, and heal these afflictions, God, that You, God, can only bring to a state of harmlessness and renew, God, this temple, God, that You, God, have created, so that, God, oh, God, You may be glorified by the work Your servant has yet to do in Your name … God. Amen … God.” (Assume liberal doses of vibrato throughout.)

Is less effective than this one: God, please heal [sick person]. Amen.

My thoughts after hearing that prayer: God dammit! Stop saying God. Sorry, God, but God dammit.

In the middle of a before-worship-service prayer-meeting, I had little chance to practice my ignoring philosophy and stop this self-serving bumptiousness, other than to avoid the equally-self-serving vocal encouragements of “Yes, Lord,” “Mmhmm,” and “Oh, Jesus,” and offer my own prayers that if God couldn’t strike this person dead, at least He could give her an impromptu case of laryngitis to shut her the f— up.

When cornered by someone who wants to go sugary on you, however, you have more power, such as when someone decides you are the mark for their speech about how God saw fit to suddenly make a facial growth disappear because they “cursed it to the root,” and then goes on and on about how God is the God of great Gods … God.

Please don’t get me wrong. I believe in an omnipresent, omniscient, creator God, but at the same time, I think someone this powerful has the common sense ability to sniff out a sycophant, maybe even say, “Oh, f— Me. Not with the ‘Gods’ again. Why don’t you say why for a change? Prove it by action?” when the sugar coating starts to glaze. Hence the need for hostility to the opportunity cost.

Cornered by one such sycophant, I pretended to be lost in shared reverence for said sycophant’s words (not the work of God), which caused said sycophant to misinterpret my facial expression as awed silence instead of calculation, and he left me alone.

Mission accomplished.

God is great. He knows it. Really, He does, so do your best to ignore those who think He needs to be reminded.


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Seth Kabala

About: Seth Kabala
Seth is an entrepreneur, writer, and musician. He lives with his wife and three children in Portland, OR.

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